Testimony 10

My mom has been in US for 16 years struggling to get her documents. I told apostle about it and he prayed with us and prophesied that within a week my mom’s document would be approved. It happened as told.

Glory to God!

Testimony 9

Praise God!!!

I got to know Apostle Amponsah through a friend here at my most difficult times. I was at the hospital to give birth to my second stillbirth baby. Apostle Amponsah prayed with me and told me God knows what He is doing. After birth, I got a word from Apostle Amponsah to my husband about when I will take seed again and that prophecy came to pass. By the grace of God I have given birth to a beautiful, bouncy, healthy baby boy.

From a sister.

Testimony 8

In the latter part of 2019, Apostle Amponsah prophesied that I was going to get a car. Earlier this year, I got another word confirming the earlier word. Just last week Monday I was in the office when my Dad called and asked me to go for a test drive at one of the CFAO showrooms at Airport. I was astonished.

He had gotten me a car whose picture I sent him a year ago. I had forgotten about it. I then called my sister and Apostle Amponsah to give the good news. Low and behold, I went together with my sister to the said showroom and he bought me the latest version of the car I sent. I just couldn’t believe it because I didn’t expect a new car. God is so Good and Faithful. I want Throneroom family to help me thank God, Apostle Amponsah and my dad for this miraculous gift. God bless us All. I am indeed grateful.

Testimony 7

I want to say a very big thank you to God, Apostle Amponsah and the Throneroom family. Last week Wednesday during evening prayers for the monthly fast. I was the first to be ministered to about the planned death of my husband. In fact I was so frightened that I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. Indeed, the enemy is wicked. I am the wife of a brother who works at Korle-Bu. This is the third time a planned death has been seen and cancelled by Apostle Amponsah and the Throneroom family through prayers and directions.

I am so happy that as at now I am not a widow. I give God the Glory. My husband is well and even more lively than he was the past few weeks.

I will praise God forever. God bless you all.

From a sister.

Testimony 6

Six months before I got married, I had a severe tummy ache and went to the clinic. At the clinic I started bleeding profusely so I was referred to Korle-Bu gynaecology emergency unit. After examinations and investigations, the specialists saw something round in my right abdomen so I had to be operated on immediately. We called apostle and he prayed with us. I went through it successfully to the glory of God everything was fine till I got married. From the very day I got married my tummy hurts most of the time. When I go to the clinic doctors say there was no problem with me. I took two scans and still nothing showed. At prayer sessions Apostle Amponsah will call my name and pray for healing. I remember one time during the midnight prayer I was given a word that I should pray against sickness because the enemy had bought me sickness to waste my money on hospitals bills. Immediately after that session I texted Apostle Amponsah explaining my desire to enter a divine covenant with God not to go to the clinic again in the year except for antenatal. He prayed over water prophesying that God had washed my womb. Last week, I missed my period and when I tested I had conceived. Even through the painful tummy God has given me a bundle of joy.

Family help me thank God for He’s faithful.

Apostle thank you for your support and prayers. God bless you

Thank you Jesus.

From a sister.

Testimony 5

Good morning All,

I thank The Almighty for securing a job for me. I joined Throneroom a month ago with so much frustration and tears. I remember when I called Apostle Amponsah and told him I want to give up on prayer but he spoke encouraging words to me. I have been without a job after service for 7 months now. Just two weeks ago, I had calls from three different reputable companies for interviews and exams. I told Apostle about them. I attend all the interviews while Apostle prayed and sought the Lord for me.

It all went well and by the grace of the God we serve  I was successful.

I give praises to God for the miracle and I thank Apostle Amponsah for his immense prayers and support.

Let’s not give up but constantly cry unto our Maker. He does things in His own time.

Sister Victoria

Testimony 4

Indeed we serve a faithful and a loving father people of God. Two weeks ago, I was informed that my daddy had been admitted to the hospital and was unresponsive to anything. He couldn’t eat, open his eyes, move both his legs and arms, we had to be turning and bathing him. I mean he was just lifeless waiting for death to come for him. I remember panicking and calling Apostle Amponsah about him. Apostle Amponsah asked that we pray and wait on the Lord. Fast forward last weekend, I visited my daddy in the hospital and I couldn’t hold back my tears. His condition was not encouraging but Apostle Amponsah said we should keep hope alive. He gave me a few directions to do and to the Glory of God when I visited my daddy again he could do a lot of things such as raising his arms, leg, opening his eyes, and talking. Indeed, there is a God in heaven who listens to our prayers. It was a tough battle but God amazingly came through and though he has fully not recovered I know God will finish what has been started.

This is to encourage anyone going through a tough time that just believe and trust God and He will surely show up for you just as he has done for me and my family. And to the man of God of this ministry, I pray for the spirit of ease over you and your generation and that you will never lack any good thing in this life.


Testimony 3

I left my previous job due to harassment and intimidation from my boss and some colleagues. I went five months jobless. To God be the glory, I’ve finally secured a job. God richly bless you Apostle Amponsah for all your prayers, efforts and dedication and to the coordinators and every member of this noble family, God bless you all. God is indeed a faithful God and He never fails neither does He forsake His own.

From Sister Joy


Testimony 2

Our sister Michelle just gave birth. We thank God for her safe delivery. We ask that God preserve the mother, the baby and the family. Our new baby will grow in wisdom and in favor before God and man.

We are grateful for God for a new addition.

Testimony 1 

I had been believing God for the fruit of the womb for sometime and I remember not long after I joined the network Apostle Amponsah prayed for those of us who wanted to conceive and through faith I placed my hand on my tummy as instructed. By the grace of God I tested positive for pregnancy this week. God bless you and the entire team for your glorious works. May God continually give you strength to hold this.

Thanks be to God!

From a sister.