Testimony 20

And the icing on the cake was that l was diagnosed of kidney cyst 3 months ago and been having severe back and chest pains. On Tuesday, the pain was unbearable but surprisingly yesterday whilst l was praying for my driver, l had even forgotten of my own pain.

It was during the evening prayer session that l realized that l wasn’t feeling the pains anymore. It had completely varnished and still not felt anything till now. By praying for healing for someone, l got healed in the process.

What a wonderful God we serve.

Testimony 19

This happened on Thursday. One of our sisters prayed for a colleague and he got healed.

I was called from the office this morning that one of our drivers is complaining of his heart and couldn’t urinate so has been rushed to the Kasoa Polyclinic where he was referred to 37 Military Hospital. He was rushed to the emergency ward upon arrival because he couldn’t even talk. Around 12:47pm during the afternoon prayer session, l was called by his mother that they tried to use a medical device to extract the urine but it was rather blood that was coming out so they were going to put him in a machine to examine what exactly was happening to him and she has been asked to go and buy some drugs from the pharmacy. The woman was scared because there had been 2 mysterious death in her family recently believing to be caused by her uncle who has sent them to a shrine. l assured her that nothing will happen to the son and that l was praying when she called so will be praying for him. I asked God to please heal him for my sake because l have set myself aside as a vessel for him to use.

I just got off phone with her now and she said when they went to put him in the machine, a thread in the machine got torn so they went to bring a new thread to fix but the doctor never returned since afternoon and that no medication has been given to him yet but suddenly he started urinating and his heartache has also stopped. The person who couldn’t talk was now able to talk to me on phone.

Apostle, no medication, no water, no diagnose but he has urinated severally and they all couldn’t understand how it happened and l told them glory be to God. They are still waiting for the doctor to diagnose him.

God is faithful. Praise be to his holy Name.

He was discharged last night.

Testimony 18

My prayer life has been ignited. The ministrations I’ve received has been awesome! Great deliverances. Powerful insight into a lot of mysteries. My life has definitely been transformed after joining the TPN.

God  bless Apostle and the team.

From a brother.

Testimony 17

There is a lot I wish I could translate into writing but I want to summarize by saying that the Throneroom Network made me start praying like never before. It has really activated my prayer mood once again after so many years. Now, I feel a desire for more of God. I want God to be a part of my daily walk. Please Apostle Amponsah, take me as your daughter and please help me get my Christian life back on track with God.

I really want to start experiencing God first-hand in my life. A little walk with God through Throneroom Netwwork has stirred so much desire in me to serve God like never before and I don’t want anything to quench it again this time.

From a sister.

Testimony 16

I joined the network a few days ago and to the glory of God, I have enjoyed God’s glory these few days with TPN. My prayer life has been revived and I feel alive. My understanding has impacted so much. Beyond and above the great deliverances and revelations God has given me, I want to deepen my fellowship with the Holy Spirit. I want to keep this fire burning and by the grace of God, I will.

God bless Apostle Amponsah. God bless you all.

Long live TPN.


From a brother.

Testimony 15

Apostle gave me some directions to follow to help heal my son completely from asthma. To God be the Glory. I did as I was directed, and I noticed that my son is better. Its been a month now and I haven’t seen him in his usual pain. I want to thank God and give him all the Glory for healing my son. I also want to thank Apostle Amponsah for all he has done for myself and family. God bless you Apostle Amponsah. God bless all members of Throneroom Network.

I feel blessed to be part of this family.


Testimony 14

Apostle Amponsah asked that we send him the names of those we have worked for who owes us. I sent the names to him. Just yesterday, two of them called me and paid me my arrears. It is left with the last person but I know the God who begun it will surely complete it.


From a sister.

Testimony 13

Testimony from last night

During the prayer session I poured a little oil and rubbed on a pain I have had around my back lower area of my head and declared healing to my body. I say to the glory of God that the pain has vanished as at this morning.

From a brother.

Testimony 12

Good morning

Trust you are doing great.

I thank the Lord for His faithfulness. Just earlier this month, I received a prophecy to meet my destiny helpers and for restoration and breakthrough and I remember Apostle Amponsah gave me a word on 6th March. There’s one thing I have been praying for over the years to be able to break free into my education with ease. A man I met last year when I was looking for a job told me he wanted to start a factory, but he is unable afford to pay me. I accepted to volunteer to set up his laboratory and the production items. Even though it was difficult for me going without pay, I decided to help the man out. Yesterday, he called to ask for an expense list for studying a master’s degree from any Ghanaian institution. He said he is going to support me get a master’s degree because I helped him when he was setting up his company. 

Glory be to God!!

Miss Victoria.

Testimony 11

Last month, my husband, siblings and I visited Apostle Amponsah where he gave a word of prophecy to my brother that within seven (7) days he will hear good news. My brother was waiting for confirmation from the US Embassy concerning his documents. During an all-night session a prophecy reaffirmed the earlier word. God has done so much for me and my family, but I can’t say all. My family and I started seeing changes in our lives when we joined the Throneroom Network. Apostle Amponsah and Sister Jennifer, God richly bless you in every area of your life. Who are we that He is so mindful of us!

Isn’t God good and faithful? All I can say is THANK YOU GOD.

From a sister.