Testimony 30


Since October 21st, 2017 when we married, my wife and I have been praying for a child to no avail. It’s been two years and four months since our wedding.  We ‘ve gone to different health centres but returned home with no positive result even though checks showed we had no known existing conditions preventing our childbirth. I joined the Throneroom fruit of the womb group on January 3rd, 2020 through recommendation from a lovely Sister, Mrs. Jennifer Annan ( May God bless her household). On the 9th of January 2020 at around 8:54pm, I received a word of prophecy from Apostle Daniel Amponsah that my wife will get pregnant and give birth to twins. On the 11th of February 2020, Apostle Amponsah reaffirmed that my family would be visited by the Lord.

To the glory of God, my wife went for a test this week for pregnancy and it returned POSITIVE! May God’s name be praised! God bless Apostle Amponsah and the Throneroom Prayer Network.

Testimony 29 

After the teaching on Spiritual Numerology by Apostle last Sunday on how to calculate the Spiritual Numbers of dates and cars and occasions etc, I practiced it with the birth dates of all my family members, parents and siblings. We were due for a Family Immigrant Diversity Visa Interview today of which my husband was the Principal Applicant. I already informed Apostle since the whole process began and he had been encouraging me to stay focused and continue to be fervent in prayer. I calculated the spiritual number of today’s date and it was 1. Then I did my husband’s and was 1 (I declared that our visas will be granted one touch). When I calculated mine, it was 5. I prayed yesterday that as these numbers stand, may God show me a sign at the interview.

People of God we got to the American Embassy for the visa interview and were called to the Immigrant officer in Booth 12 (1+2=3) to file our requested documents then to booth 5 to be interviewed by the immigration officer. People of God right there before me, the white lady began stamping our documents one after the other. My husband was asked a few questions while I got asked just 2 questions. The consul officer then congratulated us saying, “Congratulations your visa has been granted. Do enjoy your stay in the U.S.” 

Hallelujah. I give God all the praise and glory for doing this great miracle in our life. Once and for All.


Testimony 28

So yesterday around 2pm a customer called and said she had a contract and she had a feeling she should give it to me! I laughed and thanked her. So, she went on with the things to supply her and it totaled more than 10,000. I was shocked because lately business has not been vibrant.

However, after taking her order I had an ill feeling. A thought dawn on me and I questioned if I might lose the contract. I was frightened for a while. Around 5pm same day, the customer sent me a message to hold on because she needs certain confirmation. It was déjà vu for me. 

But then in the evening at the 6pm prayers, Apostle prayed against negative premonitions. I focused on the contract and prayed my heart into it. 

The next morning, I decided to give the lady a call the to find out if there has been a change in her decision. Before I could call, she sent a message on whatsApp message which simply said, “You can go ahead and supply, will be at your place at 9am to give you the money!” And truly she did!!!!

Am so grateful to God and to Apostle Amponsah for this breakthrough at such a time as this. Glory be to God! 

From a sister. 

Testimony 27

We overcame the devil by the blood of the lamb and the WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY.

I have been trusting God for a job for sometime now to start off immediately I graduate from school. I contacted Apostle about this and he confirmed in one our prayer sessions that it’s done.

In another prayer meeting (The Midnight Cry), Apostle reiterated the prophecy and establish it in a particular realm of the spirit.

I thank God that I’m kicking off to work this Monday (a week after my virtual graduation) to the glory of God. God bless you, Apostle Amponsah.


Testimony 26

I survived an accident on the Accra-Kumasi road on Thursday. I was returning from my hometown in Kwahu and It was raining on some parts of the road. I do not remember what happened because it came in a flash.

A lot of people came around my car to help get me back on the road. The car was damaged, but it could still move. I was terrified but I managed to drive to Accra. When I look at my car, I can only say glory be To God.

My son also refused to go with me and Where he normally sits is where the car is badly damaged.

I thank God for saving my life.

From a Sister

Testimony 25

So a beggar asked for money and food. I had just left the store with food. I turned around and gave them to him. I returned home with my kids without food.

The next day, I got a call from an agency and they want to help with my utility bills and 50% of my rent. They are also going to send food to my address during this Coronavirus season.

Our God is indeed a great provider. I put God to test through giving and he has shown himself faithful.

Testimony 24

Yesterday was my son’s birthday. In the evening, he had tummy upset and diarrhoea. I laid my hands on his stomach and prayed for him commanding the pain to go and thanked God for his healing power.

To the Glory of God both the stomach-ache and diarrhoea disappeared. Indeed, prayer changes all things.

Praise be to God! Amen.

From a sister

Testimony 23

A few days ago, I felt some pain in my right breast and could feel a painful lump at a side of my breast. My husband also examined it. Because am breastfeeding a baby, I thought this was temporary. However, over the next few days the pain persisted. It was then I took a step of faith to apply some of the anointing oil Apostle Amponsah prayed over for me on my breast. The next day, the lump size reduced with the pain.

Two days after I could not feel the lump again and the pain was gone. I just cannot keep this to myself but to share.

Our God is indeed great. Thank you Jesus for your healing.

From a Sister

Testimony 22

My friend needed to go give a car to someone at Akweeteman so I had to follow with another car so he could join me back.

For some reason I felt like I should pray about it. Before setting off, I saw the message on the page that anyone making a trip should contact Apostle Amponsah so I messaged one of the coordinators for clarification. Fast forward I started driving on the N6 Highway.

And I couldn’t help but start praying in tongues (I just couldn’t control my tongue). A tyre that I pumped this afternoon burst while I was driving on the highway at a speed of 100km/h.

God being so good, I got to the place safe and sound but with a completely damaged tyre.

I thank God for preserving my life.

From a sister

Testimony 21

Some few days ago Apostle gave  a word concerning me. He told me that God has placed me in an incubation stage which will usher me into a higher dimension in Him.

When I received this word I perceived that the enemy will try to abort me in that stage but I thought it was just my mind. At Friday’s Midnight Cry,  Apostle was able to intercept an arrow of death through an accident that was targeted at me.

That same Friday night, my mum had a dream that I was involved in an accident on the same road . The operation was to take place today as I was supposed to use the motorway this morning.

But God being so good, through Apostle, He was able to stop this death threat upon my life. I give glory to God for this victory. God bless you Apostle Amponsah.

I shall live to fulfil my purpose here on earth. Amen!

From a Sister.