Testimony 50

Dear Apostle,
I write to share a great personal and career testimony to the glory of Yahweh. After losing my job last year, I banked my hopes on some money that was supposed to be given to me.
The money was delayed. This afternoon I took a step of faith by giving the last money I had in my Mobilemoney wallet. After that my dad contacted me and gave me the account number for me to access it. Though the banking institution has not sent me an alert, I have the necessary details for the money already.
I know the LORD Yahweh lives and His hands are lifted up for our good always.

Testimony 49

I testify to God’s glory for my transformation in life. Apostle gave me a prophetic word in January 2020 that the first quarter of the year was going to be tough. In reality those first months were tougher than expected. The Holy Spirit spoke that after those months of tribulation I would enter a season of visitation and breakthrough.

Days into the second quarter of the year I felt disappointed because there were no improvements. Apostle called to encourage me to hold on to God’s word.

To the glory of God, I began seeing divine goodness three weeks into the second quarter of the year. The Lord spoke to me clearly as things changed that I honour Him with a seed to confirm and enforce His goodness. I did as I heard in the spirit with joy, happiness, and excitement. Today, I own a luxury car while my account balance would give anyone the thrills. I thank Yahweh for everything and for Apostle’s life.

Yahweh is indeed on the throne for Throneroom Prayer Network.

Testimony 48

Glory to the God of all knowledge and wisdom. I thank God for the success He established for me in my exam. Before the exam, I went through a challenging moment in my life. I prayed to God to see me through my studies and the exam. Apostle also interceded for me for exam success.

To the glory of God I made it in the exam. I thank God for answered prayer and for the life of Apostle.

Testimony 47

My name is Godfred. I share a testimony here to the glory of Yahweh God. On Sunday, 9th August 2020 I received a prophetic revelation from the Holy Spirit through Apostle concerning a hindrance in my life. This hindrance was said to be a strong spirit that fights anything good that came my way. Apostle asked me to fast for three days from 6am to 6pm. I was asked to call him to pray for me on my last day of the fast.

I began the fast on 10 August and on the second day of the fast I received a phone call from the HR of a company I had interviewed with in early June. They made me an offer with a kick in date of Saturday, 15th August. Though I had contacted the HR earlier after the interview to inquire about my chances, they gave no response to me. My offer letter indicated that it was typed on 16th July with a start date of August 1. This means it took nearly a month from the offer date to get to me. But for the intervention of heaven, I would had missed out on this opportunity.

I thank God for what he has done and and for using Apostle to help change my life.

Testimony 46

Dear Apostle,

I write to share a great family and career testimony to the glory of Yahweh.

My husband and I bought a land after we got married some thirteen years ago. During the registration they put only his name on the documents though we asked that they should use both names. We tried all we can but to no avail. We were finally asked to do the land title then do a transfer later. This process was also taking forever.

During the 21 days fast, we were asked to bring out documents we we’re having issues with and pray over them. We brought the land title documents and my work documents because I hadn’t been mechanised at work.

A week after the prayer, I got a letter from work saying I had been mechanised and as I type this message the names on the land documents have been rectified.

We say glory to God most high and we thank TPN for your prayers, help and support. God bless you all for your hard work and making this group bigger and stronger to help the people of God.

I know the LORD Yahweh lives and His hands are lifted up for our good always.


Testimony 45

Dear Apostle,

I write to share a great personal testimony to the glory of God.

I applied for a job that was above my educational and professional qualification. On the date of the interview, I arrived at the venue an hour ahead of time. Then I decided to the spend time listening to your audio teaching on how to pray for divine favour. I prayed as I listened.

After this prayerful waiting time, I smelt a sweet fragrance like perfume. I went in for the interview and got the job though I was competing with people better qualified than myself.

Now I ask that God would help me perform satisfactorily on the job like Daniel and Joseph did to the glory of Yahweh.


Testimony 44

I received a call from my boss concerning some assignments he had for me. Immediately, I became a little tensed.

After an hour, he called to inform me that he has nominated me for the position of Transactional Accounting Representative. This role is to monitor and report on 3 managers month-end close account with respect to the Africa section of our work.

During the dream interpretation session, I narrated my dream as follows: “I saw myself with another department which I know in my mind I do not belong.”

You gave the interpretation that it is an exposure and a sign of an impending promotion.

To the glory of God, the exposure has come. This is wonder because I am not a permanent staff but God caused my promotion to come this way.

Praise be to God that I will also learn in line with what I am already doing.

I have not regretted joining TPN. I thank God and also Apostle Danny so much for always giving me the opportunity to serve the Network and be blessed.

May God bless you Apostle.

Thank you

Testimony 43

On the 12th July when Apostle Amponsah asked us to lay our left hands on our belly as he prayed, I had an immediate urge to visit the washroom but ignored it. The urge became intense as the pray was ongoing. I quickly rushed in there. Right after that visiting the washroom, I felt some uneasiness within my anatomy. I thought it was stress from school and work. But the feeling continued till I went to bed. I woke up early than usually the next morning. On most days, I woke up from bed with pain in my head, eyes, and my whole body. But from last night till this morning, I felt relieve in all my body.
From a brother.

To Elohim be the glory, great thing he has done, and greater things he will do. Amen!

Testimony 42

The enemy planned and executed a plan over my life by breaking up my marriage two years ago. My husband left home a year and half ago but by the grace of God he has returned home. I give all thanks to God Almighty. Please help me thank and praise the Lord. God is good. Revelation 12:11, KJV: “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

From a sister.

Testimony 41

My Sister has been in the US for some years without a stable job even when the economy was thriving. Just last week she called that she needed prayers because she had an interview to attend. I got in touch with Apostle Amponsah and he assured me our Lord is able. To the glory of God, my sister  went through the interview and was successful. This is a fulltime job with benefits. To land this in this Covid season is  a miracle. 

God really works in mysterious ways. We should worship him for being God.

Keep hope alive, family!

Testimony 40

So, I have been importing items from Turkey for some years now and usually when I import a 40 footer container, I make a new order after about 6 months. But since last year March when my goods arrived, they are still not finished. Sales have been low. I make Ghc1000 (US$200) cedis a week or maximum Ghc3,000 a week.

Last week my sales lady called me to inform me a customer approached her and wanted Ghc18,000 cedis worth of a particular item. I was elated. I hoped they will pay and that it is not a scam.

I sent the sales lady to the warehouse and she returned with 110 boxes of that item. She delivered the items same day to the customer and the following day payment was made. Total was a little over Ghc13,000 cedis. I don’t remember the last time I had such a sale in one day.

June 2020 indeed is our month of manifestation. I have enough stocked in my store but I believe that God has opened the door with this one.

Praise God!

Testimony 39

Restoration of Peace in Marriage

I have been married for some years now. There has been a lot of distractions and chaos in my marriage. By the tenth year I had mentally given up on my marriage.

I decided to give it one more try when I joined TRPN in February, 2020. On the 9th day of the 21 day fast in June, I saw major changes of peace and harmony in my relationship.

Today is my 13th marriage anniversary and things are just getting better and better. It is the most peaceful my home has been in years.

Thank you, God.

From a sister

Testimony 38

Financial Testimony

I dreamt and someone gave me a grain. I prayed about it. That same day Apostle prophesied that God is about to surprise me and He has surprised me indeed.

I had a share in a retirement account. The money was withdrawn by the owner before the segregation and only 5% was left. My attorneys wanted us to go back to court over it but I told them that whatever is left, they should just segregate it. The pandemic also affected the stock market so much that it went further down.

Today, I got the details of my account and to the glory of the God of Throneroom, the God of miracles, I have 200% of the amount the person withdrew in my retirement account.

Indeed God has visited His children.

Thank you Lord and thank you Apostle Amponsah.

From a Sister

Testimony 37

Miracle of Healing

On April 2019 I was diagnosed with stomach ulcer at the Trust Hospital in Accra, Ghana. Two weeks later, I returned to the same hospital to meet another specialist who diagnosed it gastritis. He prescribed me some gave medications.

After some days I had a serious stomachache, so I went back to the hospital thinking I was going to be given medication to return home. But that was not to be.  Another doctor checked me this time and indicated I had acute appendicitis. I was rushed to the theater and had a surgery called appendicectomy.

At the surgery, a tumor was found in my caecum on which they performed right hemicolectomy on me and a biopsy was sent to the Standard Board Authority for further investigation because they suspected it to be cancerous.

Few days after the surgery, my stomach started blotting with so much pains and it turned out I was bleeding internally. Doctors said they are species and I don’t even know the name. They used different kinds of names for it. I went through a lot at the ward but through it all God kept me alive and safe.

The bad news came with a histology report from Standard Board that I had cancer of the white blood cells and I have to undergo 8 cycles of chemotherapy at Korle Bu Hospital in Accra, Ghana.

I wept alone for many days. I couldn’t believe I was the one going through this. I battled hypertension, went through a three years divorce procedure and now was suffering cancer. I was devastated. My family deserted me not having anyone to talk to. It was too much for me. I decided to end it all by poisoning my two-year old daughter then end my life too.

However, friends and well-wishers kept me going. To cut a long story short I had a lot of wishes and encouragement from friends. One of these friends recommended THRONEROOM to me.

That day, I prayed with a heavy heart to God to answer my prayers. That didn’t stop me from asking my Maker silly questions. I asked the Lord God who does miracles in his own time to heal me.

On Tuesday during the evening Session, Apostle prophesied that, “There is lady here you are being healed from cancer. God says you are not dying any moment from now.”

I held on to the prophecy and went to see the doctor the following day. He reviewed the various test results and upon evaluation he said, “Your body has responded to the therapy, you are healed.”

Praise the Lord!

If you are reading from me, know that I am alive today writing a testimony to the glory of God. It is the Lord’s doing. Help me thank God for His total healing and restoration.

Thank you, Apostle Amponsah for everything. God bless you immensely 

Jehovah Elohim, may His name be praised forever!

Testimony 36

Financial Breakthrough

A friend of mine promised to send me money. It’s been 3 months and it wasn’t forthcoming.  So, I prayed about it, reminded the person but he kept bringing up his life challenges then eventually decided to pay half of the money.

One afternoon after a while, I received a text from my friend that he’s sending the money and to my surprise he sent the full amount which I wasn’t expecting.

This is just Day 5 of our fast and God has started surprising me. I just can’t wait for the remaining days because I know greater manifestations awaits me.

I bless God and the father of this house. Amen.

From a sister

Testimony 35

On the 4th of March, my husband and I went to town to get me a new car and unfortunately for us, the car was stolen on that same day at East Legon where there was tight security. I called Apostle and he told me everything will be fine.

I was very worried and disturbed to the extent that I wasn’t myself for two weeks. Later my dad spoke to his mechanic to get me another car from a garage and the person also took part payment of the money and later told us he wasn’t selling the car again.

Now we asked him to bring us the money back and he said we should take him to the police station, that whatever we like, we should do to him. We went to the police station and the commander said it’s a civil case so he can’t arrest them. Since then we’ve been going up and down till we got fed up and I called apostle, which he told me everything will be fine.

I always pray to God to help me get my money back, both the first and second car that was stolen. I had prophecies from Apostle that the Lord is on my side and that I’ll enter into a new life which is full of bliss. I also had several dreams which was on a good note.

So later when apostle asked those who wanted to do the 21 days fasting and prayers, I kept thinking about it because I was asking myself a lot of questions that when will God answer my prayers. I later took a bold step to give myself another chance and wrote my name.

Just as we started the 21 days fasting and prayers, one of apostles prophecies was that God is going to perform a 24 hours miracle and as I speak now, my husband returned from work with another car driving behind him, and to my surprise the car was mine.

Those who were also owing me from the second car that refused to sell, are now searching for my money to be given to me this evening. I just want to give glory unto God for this wonderful manifestation, that I have been received all this within that 24hours as he promised.

I also want to take this platform to thank Apostle so much for his prayers and support because he’s been so supportive throughout this difficult times and I say God should bless him and his family, that he may never lack but rather God should strengthen him and grant him long life. Amen!

Testimony 34

I had a baby a year ago and haven’t seen my flow since then. During the midnight Cry Last night right after licking the honey 14 times as directed and prayed, i felt some discharge. I checked after the service and glory be to God it had come.We give God the Glory!!


From a sister

Testimony 33

I also want to take this platform to thank Apostle so much for his prayers and support because he’s been so supportive throughout this difficult times and I say God should bless him and his family, that he may never lack but rather God should strengthen him and grant him long life. Amen!

Testimony 32

Thursday evening whiles you were leading the prayers, my son was very sick. I couldn’t take him to the hospital, I was afraid of the floods.

I asked him to sleep in my room and trusted the Lord For healing. We woke up in the morning feeling fine. We did a follow up at hospital yesterday and were only giving panadol.

He is fine now by the Grace of God


From a Sister

Testimony 31

In the course of the week, I don’t remember exactly which day, all those that had people owing them were prayed for.

Someone owes me GHS 10,000 and there was every indication that he wasn’t going to pay. He asked me to take him to court. But I wouldn’t be able to do that because I have no documented agreement.

Amazingly, yesterday he called to plead with me to give him some few days to pay.