Fast Day 79 Prayer Points



“I will cut off all the horns of the wicked, but the horns of the righteous will be lifted up.”
Psalm 75:10

Fast Day 79

  1. Father, we declare by divine authority that we silence every voice that enforces the horn of oppression against the people of God. Every voice in business, family, ministry, health, media, education and marriage that oppresses my progress be permanently silenced in the mighty name of Jesus. We break the horn of oppression and take the voice backing that horn captive to the obedience of Christ. (1 Cor 10v5)
  2. Elohim, we come in Your name to break the horn of fear operating against believers, they shall subdue serpents and scorpions and shall have no fear of the enemy. According to your word may satan fall like lightning at the mention of the name Jesus in every family now. We declare that fear shall have no power over any member of TPN, receive faith to deceive every enemy that has risen against you in the mighty name of Jesus
    (Luke 10v18-19)
  3. Adonai, we call upon you to release your angel that wields the flaming sword to cut asunder the horn of demonic orchestrations against members of TPN in the mighty name of Jesus. We declare that every assignment of sudden destruction and impromptu tragedies is aborted and overruled in the name Jesus. Let the wicked come under divine destruction now!!
    (Psalm 145v20)
  4. Lord, we stand in Your name to decree the swift and permanent destruction of the horns of the wicked lifted against members of this network. Let the horns of the righteous be exalted, may the horn of every member of TPN be strengthened to prevail against satanic attacks orchestrated against their lives in the mighty name of Jesus
    (Psalm 92v10)

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