Fast Day 78 Prayer Points


Contending for Our Vineyards

Leviticus 26:4
I will send you rain in its season, and the ground will yield its crops and the trees their fruit.

Fast Day 78

  1. Father, we counter every anti-rain and anti-refreshing spirit that is battling our lives and destinies. We still the south wind of destruction invokes by the wicked against us. We silence every satanic words and decrees against our comfort, peace, increase, desires, and expectations. Lord, we call forth Your north wind to counter the enemies’ wind of wickedness. Restore us O Lord to the glory we had with You in the beginning. (Exodus 15:10)
  2. Adonai, we come in Your name against every anti-fertility spirit, power, entities, and forces standing against us. In the name of Jesus, we declare defeated and crushed wicked powers and rulerships wasting our lives, destinies, expectations, and joy. Anti-fertility powers from our bloodlines, families, workplaces, friends, and hometowns battling us we declare broken now in Jesus name. We cast off every yoke infertility from our lives and cut off our souls, bodies, and spirits from evil altars and strongholds of infertility and barrenness fighting our lives, destinies, and expectations. (2 Kings 2:19)
  3. O Lord, we call upon Your power against anti-growth entities and strongholds that resist our expansion and increase. Let the voice, hands, and eyes of the wicked that wither our seeds, flowers, expectations, and desire be scattered now in Jesus name. We declare the wind of the east to blow and destroy evil hands, blind evil eyes, and the sword of Elohim to cut off every head speaking limitation and struggle over our lives in Jesus name. We pronounce increase and growth to every aspect of our lives today. We water our lives, destinies, and expectations with the blood of Jesus. (Exodus 23:30)
  4. Lord, we stand in Your power and authority against satanic rulerships of the heavenlies, wickedness in high places, evil moths, and demonic scatterers restraining and opposing our harvest. Let every anti-harvest spirit and stronghold be broken by Your power O Lord. We crush the arms of the wicked and release holy fire against evil moths invoked against our finances, marriages, homes, careers, relationships, glories, and expectations. We declare divine release of ease for our lives in every dimension. (1 Samuel 12:17)