Fast Day 63 Prayer Points


Week of Reports and Rewards

“The reward of humility and the reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord is riches and honor and life.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭22:4‬ ‭AMPC

Fast Day 63

  1. O Father, we call upon You to settle us in every prayer we lifted to you. Let our personal, business and ministry desires be fulfilled in Jesus name. By Your power O Father, pour upon us the rewards of our cry to You for mercy, grace, provision and peace. (Ps. 58:11).
  2. Our Maker, we pray that every expectation lifted to You is confirmed and done in Jesus name. Let the grace that activates and fulfils desires of the hearts of men be poured upon us in Jesus name. We enter the reward of reality and gain concerning every expectation of our hearts in Jesus name (Prov. 23:18).
  3. Jehovah Adonai, we proclaim that Your reward of liberty in the spirit is established in our lives and over our souls. Let us see the reward of our new spiritual liberty in You tonight in Jesus name.(Job 7:2).
  4. Our Lord, we confirm every report of fulfillment concerning our desires this month and this year. You said we shall be satisfied who feed on Your power. Lord, we enter that fulfilment in Jesus name. Feed us O Lord with Your presence that covers a multitude of desires in Jesus name. (1 Cor 3:24)