Fast Day 18 Prayer Points

  1. Father, we invoke your name avenging name of El Qanna to destroy the evil ropes from the envious men set against my ideas, thoughts, and imaginations that should had taken me to the next level. Let the evil of the wicked be consumed by your fire and scatter the effects of their wicked from my life now.(Ez 22:19; Jeremiah 22:17)
  2. Father, we release the sword of your justice and angel of destruction to destroy every evil rope against our children in the womb, babies, and every young one in Jesus name. Master Jesus, you said the young should come to You and whoever harms them will not see heaven. Lord, remember your words and destroy satanic ropes cast against our unborn babies, children and the young. (Mtt 19:14; Ps. 17:8-9)
  3. Father, we release Your hand of judgement against the wicked, strange strongholds that have tied down our joy, peace, speed, testimonies, establishment, ministries, and destinies. Lord, be unto them darkness by day, blacken the sun at noon against them and condemn their works onto them. Let them consume their merchandise of evil (Amos 8:9-10).