Fast Day 17 Prayer Points

  1. Father, we declare that every token used to establish oppression against our souls be consumed by fire in Jesus name. Designs and symbols employed to perpetuate our oppression be destroyed now by holy fire. (Ps. 119:134)
  2. Lord, we ask the flying rolls to crush principalities and powers of the bloodline, families and clans that has tied my hands, loins, neck, legs and chests. Lord, break the strength of the strong by your power and set us free.(Ex 3:9)
  3. Lord, we invoke your mercy over our souls and cry that let the fire of Elijah consume wicked witchcraft and marine ropes tying our wombs, loins, and marriages now in Jesus name. Lord hear us as in the days of Jehoahaz and condemn the cords of oppression upon our wombs and loins.(2 Kings 13:4)