Fast Day 16 Prayer Points

  1. Father, we tie our sacrifice of praise, worship, virtue and substance to the horn of Yahweh’s power. Let the horn of the Lord arise and destroy satanic, witchcraft and marine powers using ropes to fights our virtues, substance, destiny, and persons. We are your sacrifice O Lord. Do not let the enemy prevail against us. Let the horn of Elohim stand for us. (Ps. 118:27; 140:5)
  2. Father, we pray that you arise to our aid against the strong. They have cast ropes of witchcraft and manipulation against us. You O Lord art our strength. Arise O Adonai and break the power of the strong that your children would walk in perfect liberty (Amos 5:9).
  3. Father, we invoke your name, avenging name of El Qanna to destroy the evil ropes from the envious men set against my ideas, thoughts, and imaginations that should had taken me to the next level. Let the evil of the wicked be consumed by your fire and scatter the effects of their wicked from my life now.(Ez 22:19; Jeremiah 22:17)