Fast Day 15 Prayer Points

  1. Father, we pronounce liberty over our lives and break from cords and ropes of wickedness binding our explosion, expansion, enlargement and promotion (Ps. 2:3).
    We invoke the sword of divine justice to cut down every rope against our explosion.
  2. Father, we break every cords of affliction against our health in the name of Jesus (Job 36:8).
    Evil ropes deployed to tie our organs and tissues we command the fire of God to consume and flash them from our lives in Jesus name.
  3. Father, we released the cord of God which is water, blood, and the spirit against every stronghold and operations centre of evil deploying endless attacks of ropes and nets against my life (Eccl 4:12).
    A three fold cord is not broken so we declare that let the cord of divine power crush, scatter, and uproot every stronghold of persistent attacks in Jesus name.